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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day by day from eschar to recovery.

The directions said if there was anything there i.e.a skin cancer, a yellowy colour will be left after the salve is washed away.
And there it was!!!
1/04/2011 ......DAY 2
By now the sore or ESCHAR as is the proper name for it is drawing out the bad stuff and a bit sore to touch.
2/04/2011 Day 3
Still red around it and sore to touch.

3/4/2011 Day 4
Today i decided to start using pawpaw salve on the eschar as it is itchy as it starts to dry.this relieves the itch and settles the skin down from that tight feeling.

4/4/2011 Day 5
Looks pretty yuck now. no pain, still using the pawpaw salve and hoping that I havent stuffed up the treatment by doing this.
5/4/2011 Day 6
Starting to shrivel, still usung the pawpaw salve so its soft and moist.
6/4/2011 Day 7
Woke up this morning and it's gone.
The bandaid came off during the night and maybe it rubbed onto my pillow. I searched for the eshcar but it must have got lost in ther bed clothes.
7/4/2011 Day 8
The small crater is healing nicely. Still using the pawpaw salve. I believe if it was a worse type of skin cancer, the crater would have been bigger.
Day 9
Day 11

Application of the Black salve

I applied black salve, covered it with a bandaid and left it on for 24 hrs as directed.
During that time I felt tingles and light pins and needles. I covered it with a bandaid to protect it from my pillow when I slept.

My turn to try Black Salve

Then after reading much information on goole and seeing untold videos on Youtube I sent away for some myself. I chose the one I'd seen on the "one answer to Cancer" DVD.
 The website address is  It cost $99. plus postage. Sounds a lot however there must be 100 applications in that small jar.
Being a teenager of the 70's, I did what most young girls did, I covered myself with cocnut oil or the like and baked myself. I remember the first time I went to a skin specialist about 5 years ago and the first question he asked me was "how many times have you peeled?" hmm.. so many times I couldn't remember. That was a worry.
This red spot is a "solar Keratosis as reported in a pathology test done 6 months ago (October 2010). It was suggested to me by a local skin specialist to use a Hamiltons cream on it and it would go away. IT DIDN"T.
I found out about Black Salve, did some reseach on the net and decidied to give it a go.

I decided to research Black Salve on Youtube and these are a few videos that I found.

One day my son brought home a DVD called "one answer to CANCER"

After seeing this DVD it opened my eyes to a CANCER CURE that has been around for a long time.
After losing loved ones to cancer it made me mad to know that this cure had been around before their deaths and if we'd only know this then their lives may have been saved.
My hope is that by sharing my BLOG it may save others.