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Saturday, 16 April 2011

My turn to try Black Salve

Then after reading much information on goole and seeing untold videos on Youtube I sent away for some myself. I chose the one I'd seen on the "one answer to Cancer" DVD.
 The website address is  It cost $99. plus postage. Sounds a lot however there must be 100 applications in that small jar.
Being a teenager of the 70's, I did what most young girls did, I covered myself with cocnut oil or the like and baked myself. I remember the first time I went to a skin specialist about 5 years ago and the first question he asked me was "how many times have you peeled?" hmm.. so many times I couldn't remember. That was a worry.
This red spot is a "solar Keratosis as reported in a pathology test done 6 months ago (October 2010). It was suggested to me by a local skin specialist to use a Hamiltons cream on it and it would go away. IT DIDN"T.
I found out about Black Salve, did some reseach on the net and decidied to give it a go.

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